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Sit with the feeling


Let me ask you this: what do you do when you feel that uncomfortable feeling of change, the sharp stab of pain, or the ickiness that comes with not knowing? Do you do everything you can to numb it, or do you sit with the feeling? There’s a lot of pressure – both social and […] Read more…

New York State Of Mind


This time last year, I hadn’t ever been to the island of Manhattan. It’s funny to even think that but, the thing is, New York has always had a special place in my heart (thanks, in a big part, to Sex and the City, Friends, and an infinite number of movies). Almost a year after […] Read more…

You Create Your Reality

Self Awareness (1)

While I’ve been immersing myself in the 7 Days of Selfies, I’ve started to open up just another little part of me that has been hiding away. It’s funny because, the more you do ‘self’ work, the more you realise that you are only just getting started. 18 months ago, I thought I had it […] Read more…

Change your life with 7 days of Selfies

7 Days of Selfies

“That shot that girls take together, man, they know what they’re doing. The flash hits so hard that everything behind their hair becomes arbitrary darkness; their environment suggested only by the cut of the dress and the colour of the beverage. That’s your life. That’s your self. When you hand the camera to someone else, […] Read more…

Going with the Flow

Clarity and focus doesn’t always come

As a self-confessed control freak, the thought of going with the flow has always been something that has made me feel queasy. I’d like to think that it’s a symptom of the fast paced, instant gratification, ‘I want a golden egg and I want it now’ generation that I was born into. As a society wears […] Read more…

Do Yourself A Favour…


Lately I’ve been learning about the importance of looking after yourself. Being an over achiever from way back, I have always associated hard work with success. That staying up late when what you really need is sleep, means you’re doing a good job, and that relaxing and doing something that is in no way Instagram-worthy […] Read more…

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