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Life is short

life is short quote

Life is short. Sometimes the days feel long but, in the grand scheme of things, our time in these bodies is fleeting. And, for others, even more so. All that means is that we have an opportunity to live big and full lives. If we so choose. My heart goes out to anyone who is […] Read more…

11 Things I Learned In My First Year In Business

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This week marks the end of my first year running my own business. I describe it most lovingly as a roller coaster ride, full of ups and downs, lessons and challenges, and so many wonderful moments. It is simultaneously the most rewarding and most difficult thing that I have ever done and I would not […] Read more…

How I Learned To Love Meditation


Sitting in the park, eyes closed, breathing in the smells of the grass, a far of barbecue. Hearing the birds, the insects, puppies and a nearby cricket match taking place. The heat prickles my skin until, without warning a light breeze tickles my legs and then swishes past my face, indicating the direction it is […] Read more…

So You Wanna Be An Author?

tara bliss

Reading and writing have always been two of my biggest loves. So much so that I used to think listing them as interests was boring because, surely, everyone feels that way (I’m dead serious). In fact, I’ve always known that I wanted to write a book. I’m a book junkie. I come from a long […] Read more…

Balance. Why it’s not all it’s cracked up to be

Balance. It’s one of the things that we, as humans, seem to be on the constant quest for. I can’t even tell you how many people I talk to who are trying to get more BALANCE into their lives. Have you ever done a Google search for ‘life balance’? Cue, one bazillion articles with life hacks, tips, […] Read more…

How to handle the people in your life when you’re making big changes and they’re…not


No matter where you are right now in your life, it is inevitable that you are constantly changing, growing, transforming. As rewarding as change can be in your life, one thing is for sure: It is mostly uncomfortable and a little challenging. But that’s just how it goes. And you come to learn and accept that […] Read more…

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